Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Day

We started Christmas day at home, which hasn't been common practise the last few years. It was nice been woken up by the kids and all the excitement of Santa Claus!
Zac was the first awake at 5.45am, which wasn't too bad. Ella following closely behind. Zac went and woke her, so they could check out their presents.

Zac has been asking for Batman lego for months, so guess what Santa brought?

Miss Ella is "Dolly" mad, so look what Santa brought her?
(and yes, that is vegemite on her face! LOL)Ella's Dolly cries, coos and giggles as well as goes off to sleep when you feed her...she just loves her! We have to put her to bed in her new dolly cot, beside Ella's bed, every night.

After the excitement of opening presents, we headed over to my sister's place. We had a nibbly lunch, then a big meal late afternoon, and it was delish!! Thanks Kel and to Ian for cooking the yummy BBQ.

Quite a few drinks were had, a game of poker and plenty of Wii.

A great time was had by all. Definately a different Christmas for us, Queenslanders. We are usually dying from heat exhaustion, but not this year, it was very mild. I don't think we've had a Christmas day with a top temp of 27 degrees. Very strange??

I hope you had a great Christmas!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Leanne Stamatellos said...

Oh no, Batman lego - that's something we don;t have yet - don't let Zac speak to Ethan about it - aagh!
Merry xmas Michelle - look like you had a terrific one.

gypsyangel said...

How cute is Ella sitting in that cot feeding her baby.

Glad you had a good one Chelle.


Susan said...

Glad you enjoyed your day! It WAS a cooler Christmas, wasn't it? Though we still had to run the aircon up here in FNQ. It's raining steadily tonight and we're expecting a cyclone to develop in the next day or so. THAT cools things down!! Lol!

Julie said...

Glad to hear you and your family had a great Christmas Michelle!
Don't you just love the excitement of kids at Christmas ... they are so enchanted by Santa being able to 'come up with goods' for all their wishes !!
Our Christmas Day weather was very cool here ... cool enough for a light jacket in the afternoon ... bazzar!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo's Chelle xxx sounds like a great day and the little one's were rather good to get their wishes of the fat man in the red suit xxx I want one of those dolls..Miss Ella xxx