Friday, 16 November 2007

Today's the day!!

Well, the car's packed and I'm ready to go. Can't wait to see "the girls" again. I have so much fun with these wonderful ladies. Love them all!!

There's been a fatality on our major highway north, The Bruce Highway and it's closed til lunchtime. A truck loaded with gas bottles hit a car head on, and it erupted into a fireball. Very sad. So, I've got my directions to go another way...wish me luck and hope I make it for lunch on time!! :)

Thought I'd share two layouts I did while "packing" my scrap stuff for this weekend. Obviously I wasn't in the packing mood...I was in a creating one!!

I also have to wish my little sister, Kellie a very Happy 30th Birthday for today!! She's living it up in Sydney this weekend. I've seen her this morning, she waved to me at Sunrise, at Martin Place!! Have a great weekend Kel and Dino!!

See you all Sunday...with lots of pics to share!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


scrapwitch said...

cant wait to see your shots and layouts chelle...
thanks so much for my charm braclet ..its stunning babe

Jodie said...

hey chelle, how cute is that skater girl page, i LOVE it :D very cute.

hope you had a great weekend up there on the retreat :D

miss~nance said...

Love your pages Chelle.


Julie said...

Hope you had a great weekend ... looking forward to seeing your creations!

Love the LO's ... very cute!

Lexie said...

Loved spending time with you again Chelle!

Love the layouts.

Thanks for helping me with mine!

My Paper World said...

Your layouts are beautiful!