Sunday, 4 November 2007

Family Photos

I usually send out a family photo of us, to lots of family and friends in their Christmas cards. Today was the day to do it...because I need to get started on some Christmas presents!! We went down to Rocks Riverside park near my sister, Kellie's place. It's a beautiful park, a nice place for some photos.

Here's a family pic...

Off to do some shopping, lunch and then back to Kellie's for a swim. It was so hot today, so we all felt very refreshed and the kids had a ball.

Here's a few pics...

Daddy and Zac

Me and Ella

A good weekend was had by all!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


gypsyangel said...

Hey Chelle,

Stunning family you have, I love the family pics they look great.


gypsyangel said...

"You Make Me Smile Award" ~ You have been tagged as a Blogger who makes me smile. Check my blog for details.


Julie said...

Lovely photos Michelle!
Scary to think it is time to get ready for Christmas again!!
Have a great week :O)

Anonymous said...

ohhh I love your family pic Chelle it is awesome and what a lovely and It is just so cold here that looking at you all swimming, makes me shiver ~~~~


Lexie said...

Lovely phots Chelle.

RubyRox said...

WOW what GORGEOUS photos!! :) Simply B E A U T I F U L !! :)

Vjbradford said...

Beautiful family photos chelle ...