Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Lots on the "to do" list

Is your "to do" list ever growing? Mine seems to be of late. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. But, I'll soldier on and see how I go!

Here's a few things on my list...

Finally booked the kids into swimming lessons, after much nagging from Zac! They start next Tuesday at 8.30am...so the Jamieson house will up and about early!

Zac has been accepted into the Primary school we originally wanted, which has been a huge relief. After interviews and waiting lists, we finally know what we're doing next year! So, I'm sure uniforms, books, lunchboxes and a schoolbag will be on the shopping list shortly.

I've received my first box of goodies today, for my new Design Team job, so I'll have to get creative. Lots of lovely papers for me to play with, which is very exciting!

I have set myself a task of completing my Christmas shopping before Dec 1st, so when the kids break up from school, I'm not fighting the crowds. Off to do a bit more tomorrow I think. Have done most of the nieces and nephews, just have adults to go!
I WILL get it finished....well, that's the plan anyway!

We have been toilet training Ella, for a while now, and really hope her to be out of nappies by Christmas. So far so good...it seems PERSISTANCE is the key in this department. We are doing everything on the toilet now, and even telling Mum and Dad when we need to go. This is extremely exciting!! I will be very glad to throw away the nappies.

So, there you have it...I've got my work cut out for me!!
And this is just a few of the things on my list...Wish me luck!

I've completed a CJ entry for the lovely Kebab(Donna) in her "I must confess" album, today. Hope you like it!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


tracey said...

love the colors chelle ...mmmm ... must make a mental note of them all ...

tracey said...

oh and it sounds like you will be one very busy mum with the new timetable ..congrats on the school enrolment too!

scrapwitch said...