Friday, 14 September 2007

Goodbye Holly!

We had a Disco at Daycare tonight for Ella's teacher, Holly. She's moving to the Gold Coast, which is very sad. She's a great teacher and a lovely person...We'll miss you, Holly!
Holly was Zac's teacher last she's been with our two for quite a while.

So, in her honour a Disco was held tonight. The kids had a ball. Ella especially loved dancing and the mirror ball. You couldn't keep her off the dance floor. Zac on the other hand was more intrested in the balloons and glow sticks! Boys are apparently way to cool to dance. LOL

Here's a couple of pics.

Zac and me before leaving home, for the Disco. He has a thing about taking photos of late. After we took this photo, he took about 3 photos of the washing basket!! LOL

Ella on the dancefloor(in the hot pink top)

Ella and Miss Holly - Ella has this "thing" at the moment of putting her head on the side and saying "cheese". Miss Holly did it with her!

We have a huge weekend, so I'll chat to at the end of it!

Chelle Xx


nikkihelen said...

Babes at the cute!!

karen e said...

How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Holly leave your darlings but how cool is Miss Ella.. saying cheese.. and lap up the pic's of your young man now while you have his attention because it will not And Yah to Michael and his team..