Sunday, 2 September 2007

Go the Lions!

Well, that's what I was cheering last night, but they lost to Geelong. Not totally beaten though...our very own Jonothan Brown kicked his way to 7 goals to take the Coleman medal, for the most goals kicked in a season. Quite an achievement!!
We saw some of the fireworks, and sure heard the F1-11's! They are so spectacular, and the "dump and burn" is such an awesome sight!
We also said farewell to two great Brisbane players, Chris Johnson and Chris Scott. They did a lap of honour at the end of the game.
There was 13 of us that went last night, so we had a house full of bodies this morning. Some of the kids had never been before, so they were in awestruck! Our friends' boys are diehard rugby league players. so, this was a nice change...they really enjoyed themselves.
Although, there was a downside. We live at Alderley, about 6km from the centre of Brisbane city, so you wouldn't think it would take long to get to the game. For those that don't live in Brisbane, we can't park our cars at The's very restricted for parking, so we are encouraged to take public transport.
So, we set off at 5pm(with kick-off at 7.15pm), and left plenty of time. The Alderley train station is at the bottom of our street, so we had to walk about 500m to get there from our house. The station is closed for maintenance...the whole Ferny grove line actually. So, we wandered over to the bus stop, not far away. We get on a bus, provided by the Qld rail, which takes us to Bowen Hills station. From there we have to get on a train to go 3 stops to get to Roma St. From there we walk out and get a connecting bus to get on the new Busway(which is a bus only road) to get to the Gabba. We are pulled up at the lights, on the bus(standing room only) when the first F1-11 goes over. So, we have 15 mins to get in and seated before kickoff. Can you believe we got in there just as the hooter went for play to start!
So, my question is...Why would we put ourselves through that evry time we wanted to go somewhere?? Qld rail for one, has a lot to answer for. Why would they have maintenance on the tracks on one of the biggest nights of Brisbane's social calendar, with Riverfire and the Lions last home game?? I don't know...most frustrating!!
Lucky our trip home wasn't quite as eventful. We got there, it took longer than it should have...but with less people! So, we wandered in the door at home at 12:15pm...what a night!
We had fun once we got to the game, which is what counts! We had good seats on the boundary. We got a birds eye view of two streakers. The two girls were sitting right in front of us, and jumped the fence and away they went. Took a little while for the security guards to catch them! A good laugh and the crowd loved it!

Here are a couple of pics...

From the bounce

The great Jonothan Brown

The boys - Barney, Jase and Jay


Ryan, Jay, Zac and Barney on the field after the game! It was Barney, Ryan and Jay's first time to the Gabba and the Lions. Heaps of fun! :)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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