Monday, 10 September 2007


I was working on my latest Embellished Layout last night, while watching Rove, when a Fire truck went screaming down our street. Not that out of the ordinary, as they cut through our street sometimes as a bit of a short cut. I didn't take much notice, except that it was a fire truck. When another went down a few minutes later and I could hear police sirens very close, I went out to investigate.

There was a house on fire towards the end of our street. I mean a huge fire. We could see flames and plumes of smoke coming from a building. Couldn't quite make out which building it was, as there are a few units down there, but with this house in the middle. It's a old Queenslander than is Heritage listed and that an Accountant has his business in...our accountant actually.

By this time, lots of our neighbours were out, chatting about what was going on. I met some lovely girls I hadn't met before, who live across the road from our accountant. Intresting how you meet people.

I had to go down the PO today and there is not much left of the house. The firies were there doing Investigations this afternoon, and our poor Accountant was down there looking very rattled! How devastating for this poor man, who works day and night, especially this time of year. He also lives in our street, about 100m from us.
Staff only heard about it when they arrived for work this morning, unsure about their job's future.

It was on the news tonight. Apparently it was busy on this side of town as there was also another house fire in the next suburb as well. Luckily no one was hurt in this one either.

In an ironic twist, my Tax return arrived today. I had just been down to see Tom about three weeks ago. So many records lost...I'm sure he'll reopen for business soon, as he's a great accountant.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Alicia Barry said...

That's awful news. Glad everyone is Ok though.

Anonymous said...

oh a Yucky sort of thing to have happen in your street Chelle but hey nice to meet the girls across the street.... xxx Stay safe sweet xxx