Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Totally Rockin! :)

My sweet friend, Sara has nominated me as a rockin girl blogger so I can nominate some other excellent bloggers.

Here's the deal.....Ok, ladies - proudly display your Rockin' Girl Blogger Image on your blog and nominate 5 gals who you think are great bloggers! Be sure to let them know they have been nominated via email or a comment on their blog.

I nominate:

Karen(gyps) - I know you are away in the UK, so I'll see yours when you get home!!)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Louise said...

Thank Youuuuuuu Chelle YR2!!!! :)

nikkihelen said...

Thanx Chelle, I love dropping in on your blog, and you've prodded me to update mine!!