Monday, 16 July 2007

My first Blood Donation

Today Jason was home early from work...he's got the flu. A little self-inflicted, but we won't go there!

Anyway, while the kids had their sleep this afternoon, I dashed out to do the groceries. Down at our local shopping centre, the Red Cross Blood bus was there. I've usually got kids with me, or a cold, etc, but today I thought "I'm doing it!".
So, I went and made an appointment and gave my very first blood donation. The longest part is doing an interview to make sure you are a suitable donor. Taking the blood is the easy part. They take 500ml blood. It looks a huge amount in the bag. The bus was such a hive of activity, with a line up to give a donation. Men and women, young and old...really good to see. The girls were lovely and made you feel really at ease.

So, I've made my very first blood donation and feel really good about it. I'm going to try and give blood every 3 mths. You can only do it every 3 mths, so you don't overdo it. That way you have replenished what they have taken.

So, I've helped someone in Australia today. It may save a life one day, and you never know when it may be your own.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Pamela Godfrey said...

Congrats Michelle, You have actually helped save up to 3 peoples lives with that one donation. You should feel pleased with yourself

Pamela Godfrey said...

Chelle, I just stumpled across your slide show New Years eve Page, I just love it the look on your faces. You are clever.

Scrapmanda said...

Well done Chelle...I have donated in the past (they come to our work regularly) but over the past few years for one reason or another I've been unable to give :( Hopefully I will again one day!