Saturday, 2 June 2007

Trip to Bowen

We drove up to Bowen on the monday. Seeing we were so close, we tried to get a glimpse of the movie set, "Australia". Well, I didn't see Nicole Kidman, but the lady standing next to me(with a giant lens on her camera) assured me that the man on the horse was Hugh Jackman...not that I could tell!

It was a bit exciting, while shooting this big siren goes off and they do the scene again. The set looked great, with the old pub and the cattleyards with old cars sitting here and there. It is supposed to resemble 1930's/1940's Darwin. As we left, down a side street we saw them driving the cows into town. So, I made Jase stop(to his disgust) and got a tail glimpse of the cows.

Here's a pic of the movie set,(the old pub.)

We also visited the beautiful Horseshoe Bay. This little beach is just georgeous. The scenery up on the Whitsundays is stunning. Every backdrop is amazing, pretty hard to take a bad photo up there. We had lunch in a little cafe right on the beach, at Horseshoe Bay. This beach recently won a Best Beaches award.

Here's a pic of Horseshoe Bay.

That's Jase walking on the beach with his shoes in his hand.

I didn't realise Bowen was such a scenic place...

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Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and serene Chelle... bet you didn't want to leave xx

Love the old Pub (I love these types of old buildings)