Monday, 11 June 2007

The long weekend wrap up

It's been a bit of a blur...but, we've made it to Monday night, and I don't know how it happened! Don't long weekends fly by so fast?

Friday and Saturday - I worked. Then Sunday, I went to the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention. Kellie(my younger sis) and I did a class with Kim Kesti from Pink Martini. We made a cute little mini book, and when I complete the finishing touches, I'll share it with you.
Kim was lovely. She's from Arizona, in the USA. She was enjoying our weather because it was scorching heat back at home.

Kim and me

After our class, we met up with some lovely girls I chat to online. We had lunch with Ms Zane, her friend Sue, Ali and her Mum, Scrapmanda, not nigella, gypsyangel and her Mum. We all then headed off seperately to shop to our little hearts content. I met up at 2pm with a few girls from LSBS forum - Scrapmanda, not nigella, Kayla and Shannon. Nice to put faces to names, and meet some of these georgeous girls.
Off to shop again. I finally left about 4pm, and I was exhausted. My head cold had really taken hold by this stage, and I came home and crashed on the lounge after dinner. Woke around 9.45pm and then scrapped away til 1am!! Now that was a day!!

Today we took the kids to see Shrek. We had been using it as a bribery tool all week. LOL Zac was glued to the big screen, while Ella fell asleep on Jase's lap as the movie started. A quick 30min nap and she too, was glued to the screen. They both loved it!
Not sure if we'll rush out and see a big kids movie 4 days after it opens! The cinema was so full...not a spare seat in the place! We got there at 10am to see it, the line was so long it was way back into the food court. We wouldn't have got in to see that session, so decided to do some shopping and come back for the next one. Went to buy tickets to that, and there were 8 seats left...obviously not together. So we went to the next one, at 11.30am and bought tickets right then and there. (Nearly an hr before it started)Went and had a drink then filed in to the cinema, to it already filling up. Got good seats though. All a bit stressful to see a movie!! I think I'll wait til the movie's a few weeks old before we go, again!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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Anonymous said...

oh the craft show sounded great Chelle.. how is Sweet Zanie do miss her so... And no wonder poor Ella fell asleep having to wait that long to see Shrek @###

And how nice to meet all the forum scrappers!!!! :)