Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my WA Scrap Buddy, Melissa! I'm getting good at these...

Name three things that scare you... Snakes, Some heights(get jelly-legged!) and not being here to see my kids grow up.
The daggiest thing in your music collection... Ohh, that's tough - How about Juice Newton! :)
Your three favourite clothing items... Definately Jeans, my white ruffle top and my ballet shoes atm.
Your partners most annoying habit... He snores!
What stresses you out... Deadlines!
If I could change the world I would... Sign the Kyoto agreement and look after the environment, stop children living in poverty across the world and get rid of the Dictators.
Your favourite household chore… is there one?
If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for… Music and Movies
In my next life I would like to come back as… my cat - He's got it pretty good!
Your least favourite celebrity… At the moment - Paris Hilton - She's in jail and we're still hearing about poor little Paris...the girl broke the law - lock her up, I say!
I tag Amanda, Leish and Louise!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

It is nice to learn a little more about you chelle xx

Scrapmanda said...

Hey thanks for the tag ;)....I'm off to my blog now so I don't forget!

Lovely photo's from Seth's party!

Louise said...

Ooh Michelle Ta will do it this weekend!!!
Louise x