Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Huge weekend

Where do I start?

Friday morning, Jase flew to Melbourne for work. A big retail company has come onboard, with the company he works for, so he was training sales reps on the various types of awnings they stock.
Then I was watching Sunrise yesterday morning, when breaking news came up to say a gunman had shot 3 people near the Rialto. Well, panic set in...Jase stays at the Rialto hotel, right next to the Tower. Called him, all good, he was on his way to the retailer. Can you believe he left the hotel 20 mins before the shooting??
I knew this area, as we stayed there when we holidayed in Melbourne in January...spooky hey?? Hope they catch him soon!!
Thank goodness he checked out yesterday morning, before the mayhem, and arrived home safely last night!

On to Friday night...Zac had his mid year Concert at Preschool, named "Rumble in the Jungle". He had been telling me all week, he was a tiger. At the Concert, he was actually 3 animals - a tiger, a zebra and a monkey...they had 3 songs to sing and dance too. Very cute indeed!
Zac is the middle monkey in the black shirt! :)

Then Saturday I went to the Ipswich Cup with some friends and family. Heaps of fun and I'll use any excuse to dress up. I wore a fascinator..my first fasinator experience. We had breakfast at a friends place before the Races, and got hooked on a tree branch at the front of her house...very funny for those who saw it, but obviously I'm not used to wearing something that big on my head!!
A very fun day, with catching up with friends from High school and others that I know from around Ipswich.(When my family moved to Qld back in 1987, we settled in Ipswich. Mum and Dad still live up there, so have lots of friends up there.)
Me and the girls...L-R - Kim, Donna, Tracey, me and Lee-Ann. The boys had already left for the Races when we took this pic!

Sunday - no sleep in, as the kids were up early. My sister Kellie had them for me on Saturday while I was at the races, so I stayed at her place. She's a great sister!! :)
Kellie and Dino were having a Nutrimetics party in the afternoon, so we hung around. Went for a shop at Centenary in the morning and got a few things for Zac's party in a few weeks. Went to the Nutrimetics party, then headed home for dinner and an early night.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


nikkihelen said...

Oh, how scary for you Chelle!! So lucky that Jason had left 20 minutes before, because the guy that was killed was just a good samaritan........sometimes it's a scary world in which we live.

Sara said...

sounds like you had a fab day at the races. Glad that Jason is ok and he left the hotel before anything happened.