Thursday, 3 May 2007

Ninja's have taken over!!

So much for being good, and posting each day! Anyway, I'm not doing too bad.

Did you like my title? Got you wondering what it's all about? Zac went and saw the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie with Aunty Kel, Dine and Mikey over the Easter school holidays. Thought it was great, loved it and he's been Ninja mad ever since. I went in to tuck him in the other night before I went off to bed(He usually kicks all his blankets off), and saw 3 Ninja's standing on the edge of his bed. Like any good scrapping Mum, I had to take a pic of it. LOL When I asked Zac next morning what the Ninja's were doing on his bed, he told me...Mum, they are watching over me, to keep the bad guys away.
Of course they are, I said!!
So, it's official, Ninja's are protecting us in our house!! LOL

Ella illness didn't last long, and she only managed to share with Jase and I, Zac escaped it! Both were feeling better after 24 hrs. Thankyou for all your well wishes, I think they helped :)

Thought I'd share another L/O...

This one is from our holiday in Victoria in January. It's of Lake Wendouree in Ballarat...with NO water! I remember this visiting this Lake as a kid and it was full with lots of rowers on it. Doesn't look like that now!

I'm slowly getting our holiday scrapped :)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

Well at least it will be something else for Grandpa and Zac to disagree over..instead of Spiderman V Batman!

Anonymous said...

My son use to love the Ninja's and I have kept his set for Grandchild (one day) xx and how sweet is that having them look after him when a sleep.... Way to go Zac your a cutie xxx

Scrapmanda said...

LOL!! Can't wait to see the Ninja LO!! Very cute!

nikkihelen said...

So cute, I'm glad TMNT are protecting your house!! There was a student nurse where I used to work, and she FLUSHED our pager down the toilet!! We used to joke that the TMNT were busy all night answering pages!!

Tara said...

Well... I am embarrassed to admit it but while we were away ds collected four of those tmnt... and three of them were the same colour.


Jodie.. said...

LOVE the ninjas protecting the bed.
my brother (and me i might add) were so obsessed with them back in the early late 80s early 90s!)
now my nephew is obsessed, styles go round dont they! :D

too cute!