Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Family photo

I really don't take family photos often enough. So, this will be my quest...to have family shots of us, as the kids grow and change, even if everyone moans and groans. So, Thanks Kel for taking these on Easter Monday at Mum and Dad's. :)

I took these pics of Ella on Easter Sunday night...how cute is she??
It all started because I was taking pics of her hair - her curls.

and Ella's new thing - is standing in front of the TV when somebody is watching it - most annoying. And the little devil won't move!! She is very strong willed - she is a girl, after all!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Sara said...

Oh those curls are just beautiful Chelle, I could understand why you would want to photograph them.

Scrapmanda said...

She is such a cutie Chelle!! Love the family shot :)

Jenny Boyd said...

Love the gorgeous hair on Ella - my Lily's got hair just like that. Actually she does the standing in front of the TV trick too.........mmmmmmmmm sounds like they would get along well!

Anonymous said...

Like Mother like daughter is it Chelle..

love all the piccs so sweet..