Monday, 12 March 2007

Meeting Online Buddies!

Saturday went so fast for me! Renae arrived at my house at 9.30am on the dot, and we head off straight away to Lisa's shop - The Scrapbook cupboard - at Oxenford. Got there at 10.30 after stopping for munchies on the way.
Had a great crop, not that I got much completed! Too much chatter I think!!
I met up with some old friends and also met some new ones, that I've ben chatting to for quite some time. Finally got to meet Gypsyangel(Karen), Renaecrosby(Renae), Dee(Dee), Miss cropalot(Heidi) and Binrow(Robyn) and then caught up with some old friends in Scrapmanda(Amanda), Ms Zane(Zane), webgod(Pam), Scrapgoddess(Leanne), Scrapwitch(Lisa), Astrostar(Miranda), Gibsongang(Lisa), Tiddlypeep(Tracey) and Trish(Tiddly's sister).
Hogs Breath at Mermaid was a hoot!! Heaps of fun, chatter, about 20 cameras - I'm not kidding!!)So, between all of us, there are a bazillion pics!! We seemed to be the rowdy table, I don't think the staff knew what hit them!
A fabulous day was had by all...can't wait for the next one, which is actually a get-together with all the Brissy/Gold Coast girls up at Mt Tamborine in 6 weeks time. Seeing I know most of them, it will be great!!

Here are a few pics to share....



Scrapmanda and me

Me, Scrapmanda and gypsyangel(Karen)

and a group shot outside Hogs Breath

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Crazymumm said...

ohhhhhh wish I was able to go tooooooo you all had a lovely time by the sounds of the chatter in the SM thread.... These girls ROCK!!! Love your photos...

Thanks for sharing them!!!

kind thoughts Lucy xxx

Scrapmanda said...

Not sure about this "OLD" friends business!!! LOL!!!
It was a fabulous day - love your pics - and can't wait for Mt Tamborine!!! Think I'd better pack extra paracetamol for that one!!!

Sara said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!!

Miss cath said...

Sound like you had a fabulous time - wish I could have been there!

Leone said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous day, lucky that you can catch up with everyone in real life.