Thursday, 18 January 2007


It's such a chore. I really don't like it! You tend to put in way more than you need, and because we're heading South to Melbourne and country Victoria, you never know what the weather will be like. Bit of a jackpot, so have had to throw in a couple of sets of warm clothes as well.

Was chatting to my cousin, Kylie, on tuesday night(who we are staying with in Portland) and she said it was 39 degrees and very warm, to say the least! Might try and post while I'm at her place, next week.

Yesterday we went to the Qld Museum and Science centre. Didn't the kids love that! Zac wanted to see the dinosaurs and had been talking about it all week. Finally got to see the dinosaurs, and have his pic taken with T-Rex. They have a "Museum zoo" exhibit on at the moment and the animals look so real. Check this out:

We had to visit the Dinosaur garden...

and a close-up of Mike(my nephew), Ella and Zac.

Then on to the Science centre and how cool is that! Mike and Zac loved it. Ella just wanders around. Zac couldn't wait to "have a go" on the next thing. It was a bit busy though, with school holidays. As we come out they were letting people in one for one. (Haven't seen that since my nightclub days!)A great set up for kids of all ages - young and old. My sister Kellie, said we should come back when the kids go back to school, so we can have a play. LOL

Here's Mike in the "Head on a plate" - an illusion with mirrors.

In the room that is an illusion. It makes you very tall or very short!

Both Zac and Ella slept for 2 and a half hrs when we got home. The day was lots of fun!

Better get back to the packing,

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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bloggedissue said...

Looks like you took some great photos.

Hope you've packed the right clothes.