Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Update on the past week!

Things are so hectic this time of year. Way to much to do...and not enough time to do it! The past week has been a blur. Here it is in dot form.

- Last Tues, Ella woke with a high temp. After going to the Dr's, she couldn't find anything wrong with her. She has been teething lately, so thought it could be that or she has a viral infection. Temp went down Thursday. In between, I had a very wingey little girl who wouldn't leave my side.

- She went back to Daycare Fri, had a good day. She was in the bath, I turned around to get her towel and she decided she'd get out herself, fell and split her head open. Off to the hospital to see if it needed stitches, with her very emotional mother at this stage. Was ok, clean cut and the dr glued it and put a stairy strip over it. Took the stairy strip off yesterday and it's healing well.

- Zac had sport on Sat morning. After that, we headed over to see Daddy(who was at work), and Ella looked a bit red in the face. By the time we got home she was covered in a rash on her face, back and tummy. Ok, after the week I had, I panicked!! back down the dr's and they isolated us(due to the rash) and found out it was Roseola - a common type of viral rash in kids. Had gone by the time we got home.

- Took the kids to the Gatton speedway on Sat night. My Dad has a Dwarf car he races, and the kids hadn't seen him race. was heaps of fun. He had a great night, winning the night with 3 x 1sts and 1 x 2nd. Was quite proud of himself.

- Sunday, Jase had tickets to the PGA Golf Championship at Coolum(through work). Told me I was going to have a night away from the kids. Was great, not that I'm that in to golf, but there were celebrities everywhere. We went down for a drink before heading out to dinner, and I saw Jeff Kennett, Brett Ogle, Jason Dunstall, Jack Nicholas, Craig Parry, and the very impressive George Gregan. Now, I've never been a huge fan of George, but after seeing him signing autographs and chatting to people who he didn't need from a bar of soap, he was very polite and friendly, signed plenty of autographs and didn't tell one person No! He's won a heart in me. Very nice and genuine person....I'll be sticking up for him if they ever try and sack him as Wallaby Captain again. Had a great night away at the Hyatt Coolum..very noice, highly recommend it. Total relaxation!

- Got home Monday, worked Tues and today have spent putting our house back together and catching up on mountains of washing. Mission accomplished!

- My younger cousin, Kristi, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl around 6pm I'm none the wiser on names or weights yet. Just know she was delivered by caesar and both Mum and Bub are doing well. Have to ring my Aunty Jenny tomorrow to get all the details.

- Off to Robbie Williams at Suncorp tomorrow night and can't wait! Will tell you all about it on Friday!

So, I'm back on track...finished my Xmas shopping, just need to finish off a few "scrapped" pressies. So, better get to it!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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Alicia said...

What a crazy week. Hope you get to have a break soon.