Monday, 20 November 2006

Eventful weekend

We had another eventful weekend. Zac had his Kindy Graduation on Friday night. Let me tell you...I'm glad I'm not a Kindy teacher. Miss Jess and Miss Bec, (Zac's Teacher's)had 30 3-4 yr olds to control, and they had their work cut out for them. Although, it all went off really well. There was 106 people who attended and it was extremely crowded, but the kids gave us all a few giggles. Zac was the "Little boy down the lane" in Baa Baa Black sheep, but decided he didn't want to cooperate at the last minute, and went all quiet. Then decided he wanted to sing the remaining of the songs! You can't pick what they'll do, that's for sure! This pic is of Zac and his friend Will. Will said the farewell and Zac was there for moral support. His teacher Jessie is also in the pic.

Saturday we had sport and Zac is learning Basketball at the moment. He loves anything he tries...I think he'll enjoy sport when he gets older. I took a pic of him shooting for goal.

Once it's finished we have to have a play on the playground, goes without saying. He actually climbed a tree and of course me, camera ever ready took this snapshot!

We looked after my nephew Saturday night, while his parents were at a work Christmas party. Look out...they have begun - The long run of Christmas parties!!

Sunday afternoon we headed off to my sister, Kellie's place and stayed for a Birthday dinner. Kel's Birthday was last Thursday the 16th and Mine is next tuesday the 28th! By the way, Happy Birthday Kel, she's nearly at a milestone Birthday. Should I tell? She'll kill me if I do, so I won't, seeing she reads my blog!! So, after we had dinner we of course had cake....Beesting cake from the Cheesecake shop...Yummo!! Headed home about 9pm with two very weary children.

So, that about wraps up my weekend...:-)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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Alicia said...

Love that tree photo. Zac really looks like you in it.