Wednesday, 20 September 2006

What a sad day

What an emotional day! I don't think I've ever been this emotional at the passing of a public person, like I have over Steve Irwin.

Today's Memorial was a fabulous tribute to an amazing and inspiring man! He has done so much for Australia, wildlife and conservation across the world. I am proud to say that he lived in my lifetime.

What a little trooper his daughter, Bindi, is. She spoke so well and she's only 8! Imagine what she's going to achieve in her life! I spent the hour during the service this morning a blubbering mess. My 3yr old Zac asked me "Mummy, crying for the Croc man?". Apart from the tears, I thought it was such a fitting tribute, totally Aussie in every way. Then it ended with Russell Crowe, he made me cry even more when he said "My hand, My heart, My friend" then broke down in tears. For such a tough guy, he melted my heart, and I'm not a big Russell fan at all.

I'm so glad Steve Irwin has touched so many lives, here and across the world. My heart is aching for Terri, Bindi and Bob and family. He will never be replaced, his legacy will definately live on.

Goodbye Steve!

Chelle xx

P.s - I did this L/O for a Challenge with my Yahoo group - A tribute to someone.


Alicia said...

Wow Chelle, what a beautiful layout.

Scrapmanda said...

I didn't watch - otherwise the drought would've broken!!