Sunday, 17 September 2006

I've been a....

very bad Blogger this week. Where has the week gone? Are there still 7 days in a week, or has someone taken a day or two out? Just joking!

We've had a huge weekend. It began Friday night, when I did a friend's hair and had a good catchup. Saturday Zac had Tennis at 8.30am, then off to my nephew, Michael's, school fete, at Jindalee State School. Zac and Ella had a great time. We had been there about 5 mins when Zac informed us he wanted to ride the camel. Yes, they had Camel rides! My 3 yr old son has no fear, we've discovered. Hopped straight up on the camel while it was sitting down. We thought he'd freak when it stood up, but No!, he loved it! Got some great pics of him riding the camel, with his Aunty Nadine!

After the Fete we headed back to my sisters for a BBQ. My Aunty Margaret and Uncle Peter are here on holidays at the moment from Portland, Vic. They will be here a week, leaving on Friday to keep heading south towards home. Had a great night telling stories around the table, while enjoying a few glasses of wine and to top it off the boys opened the Port...few sore heads this morning.

Today we had Ella's Birthday party at Rocks Riverside Park. A quiet little affair with family and a few friends. Ella had a good time, and loved her cake. She had a Princess cake....I think she's going to be a sweet tooth!

For anyone trying to leave a comment on my blog, you may need to use the anonymous tab when posting. I've upgraded to betablogger and have been having a few problems. Have had a few problems uploading pics as well. Hope to get it fixed soon! bare with me! :-)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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