Wednesday, 30 August 2006


Today was Jase's last day of holidays. He's back to work tomorrow. So, we decided over a week ago we'd take the kids to Movieworld! Everything was was middle of the week - less people and it wasn't in school holidays. All was great...except the weather! It started ok, bright sunshine, then down it came. So much so, we couldn't wait to get home to have a hot shower!

Zac really enjoyed it! He met Batman and Robin, so that made his day! Check out the pic! He was tall enough for a few rides. At the Looney Tunes Village, Daddy took him on the River ride and suggested Mummy take him on the Road Runner Roller Coaster. All was good to start, then it got really fast(even Mummy held on!). After it was finished he told me " Mummy that was a bit scary, we're not going on that again!". Well, Daddy saw his face and said it was hilarious, and he was glad that I took him.

Ella thought Marvin the Martian and Foghorn Leghorn were funny. Apart from the rain(which hasn't fallen from the sky in QLD for a very long time), we all had a fun day!

Chat soon,
Chelle XX

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Sara said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic time at Movieworld regardless of the weather.