Sunday, 16 July 2006

My younger sister Kellie, and her family have just left and she absolutely walloped us playing Buzz on Playstation 2! It's a trivia game, and believe me if I had a cattle station she would have taken it. (I think she's been playing on her day off for practice.) We had a fun night though, even if I did lose...

My daughter Ella, has been sick through the week, and getting more teeth. So, it's been a grumpy day today. Let's hope tomorrow brings more smiles!

Apart from that, finished off a few swaps and had a quiet day at home. It's nice being home when it's raining! And we sure need it!

Take care,
Chelle Xx


Sara said...

Games like that always seem to see me walloped as Michelle so don't feel so bad.

I hope Ella gets better soon and her teeth don't give her (or you for that matter) too much grief.

Tomorrow is always a new day for smiles.

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